Work part time job seekers allowance

Work part time job seekers allowance - Support can be paid instead to people who are in the following categories:* a lone parent with a child under5 from october 2011living with them;* caring for a severely disabled person or a member of their family who is temporarily ill;* a disabled person whose earnings are reduced because of their disability;* a student (who qualifies for benefit);* pregnant and within 11 weeks of the expected date of confinement;an unemployed person will be entitled to a jobseeker's allowance if they:* are available for employment;* have entered into a jobseeker's agreement;* are actively seeking employment;* satisfy the contribution-based conditions or the income-based conditions;* are not engaged in remunerative work;* are capable of work;* are not receiving relevant education;* are under pension age. Allowancebereavement allowancecarers allowancechild benefitchild tax creditcouncil tax benefitdisability living allowance employment support allowanceemployment support for youthsguardians allowancehousing benefitincapacity benefitincapacity benefit for youthsincome supportindustrial injuries benefit (accident)industrial injuries benefit (diseases and deafness)jobseekers allowancematernity allowancepension creditpersonal independence payment (pip)retirement pensionsevere disablement allowancesocial fundstatutory adoption paystatutory maternity paystatutory paternity paystatutory sick pay (ssp)sure start maternity grantuniversal creditwar disablement allowancewar widows pensionwidows benefitsworking tax credits. A week for single people 10 weekly for couples, but a higher 20 disregard is available to the following groups:jobseeker's allowance (income based):-* lone parents entitled to the family premium (lone parent);* disabled people entitled to the disability premium;* certain people aged over female retirement age;* carers entitled to the carer premium. This is a formal instruction for you to take certain action to help you find work, for example, attending a particular course, registering with the universal jobmatch service or with an employment agency, responding to a particular advertisement or taking part in a 'back to work session'.

Working part time on JSA (Is it worth working while on Job Seekers Allowance?)

Working part time on JSA Is it worth working while on Job Seekers Allowance? Let Me try and explain the choices that are ...