Where to trade penny stocks online uk

Where to trade penny stocks online uk - Attention should be paid to any additional terms and conditions mentioned, like $x may be a promotional first month only offer, or $x may be applicable only after you make at least 20 trades per month; trading below that may have much higher charges. Relying only on the traditional phone based call-and-trade facility can lead to undesirable results in price fluctuations while you're waiting for an order taker to get on the line to place your order—significantly impacting your trades, as prices fluctuate each minute. Of the following points, especially with regard to penny stock trading, is important when choosing a broker:Transaction charges: this is the general brokerage charge often listed on brokers’ websites as “brokerage starting from $x per trade” or “3% per trade order”. Traps that penny stock investors should be aware of are:Pump and dump schemes: promoters claiming access to “insider information” to inflate the prices, but in reality may be attempting to offload the earlier purchased low-cost lot at high profits.

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http://www.pennystockstraining.com How to invest in penny stocks for dummies with Tim Sykes. His training is a how to invest in ...