Where to sell your photography prints

How to sell your photography work - Because it’s flexible and build your own brand, however, it requires web and marketing knowledge, you have to drive the traffic by yourself, so maybe sell the goods both on some third-party platform and your own self-hosted online shop is the best option, that's why i designed dgwork theme for digital product sellers. While i personally have only made a few sales at craft fairs, my largest single sale, 30+ large custom framed prints, was the direct result of having a booth at a local art fair and having the right buyer walk into my tent.  ?if you would rather take care of the printing yourself, however, you won’t have to have to pay fineartamerica a dime – though once your sales are over a certain number, you will have to sign up for a premium account. Some people make a good portion of their income from selling at these fairs, but it takes a lot of time, effort and the expense of buying a tent and putting together an inventory of images can be daunting to some.

Selling Prints

I am selling a print. This video serves as a blatant sales pitch, but I also like to think that this video can help others who are ...