Where do you get money orders or cashiers checks

Where do you get money orders or cashiers checks - If you are purchasing a car from an individual or making a large purchase through the classifieds, you can purchase multiple money orders if the amount is more than the limit put in place by your bank. Both payment methods are drawn from funds that are guaranteed: a cashier’s check is guaranteed by the issuing credit union, and a money order has already been paid for by the person who purchased it. Are different from certified checks, which are drawn from the customer’s account, with the bank certifying that the signature is genuine and that there are funds to cover it when the check is issued. Of fraud is committed via cashier's checks, so keep a close eye on your cashier's check to be sure it has reached its destination using the tracking tools the bank has at its disposal.

Cashiers check vs Money Order

Learn when you should use a cashier's check and when you should use a money order.