Where can i sell my dirty pictures

Where can i sell my dirty pictures - That any of you is curious but if you had questions about this tawdry business you can actually go to reddit’s online university of panty selling which so help me god i wish i didn’t know existed. They’ve received the knickers, they’ll often send me pictures of them wearing them, or they’ll tell me how they’ve pleasured themselves in them – it’s an extension of the experience. Most girls selling knickers will give extras – naughty photos, extra wear, post workout wear, or, for some clients, requests for things like period stains and skid marks – that’s where the better money is. Caught up with mistress dani, a long-established panty-pusher, who’s been selling her knickers online for a number of years and knows everything there is to know about the controversial cottage industry.

How I Sell my Photos

A bit of a vlog mixed with a flow on how I sell my photos. I'm on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/brendanvanson ...