Where can i buy items to sell on ebay

Where can i buy bulk items to sell on ebay - Where someone could pay you in advance for so many quotes then they send you a picture(s) a brief description and the cost of an item, you look at it and say not a good deal or that it is a good deal and you should sell it for x amount of dollars and best bet would be to sell it on e-bay or wherever you think would bring the most money. I may not be able to sell as much since my apartment is smaller and i simply don’t own a lot, but for a young person (or even someone who’s making a good living for themselves) making an extra 0/mo can go a long way, from paying off your credit card bill faster to being able to go on that trip you’ve been planning for a while. Taking 5 minutes to google your item and learn its true market value – on ebay and on a bunch of other e-commerce sites – helps you to sell it more competitively because you’ll find out whether or not there’s a market for your item, you’ll see the right price, and you’ll figure out the right search keywords to write into your listing. I know that any amount over the listing fees is a gain for you in the form of more cash in your pocket as well as more closet space and that this was mostly an exercise to gain experience using ebay, but it would be nice to know what return you received for the 37 minutes you invested in this learning experience.

Where to Buy Stuff to Sell on eBay or Amazon FBA?

You can find stuff to buy at: Online - ebay or liquidation sites Retail stores - sales and clearance Wholesale stores Pallet stores ...