What should a good landing page have

What should a good landing page have - Have been marketing online for a short space of time, quite a newbie really but i’ve paid for probably 5/6 squeeze page software now and there is either a catch where you have to pay even more to upgrade or its not worth the money you paid for it but i came across one a few days ago, that i thought was fantastic, so i wrote my own blog about what it does etc, perhaps you might want to take a look at it here ==> http://money-makers. If all else fails and you’re still not quite sure how to go about using landing pages most effectively, if you don’t know whether your visitors want e-books over webinars, if you’re trying to decide between a slide presentation and a video, if you’re simply at a loss as to what your audience wants, make use of one of the most effective investigative methods you have available to you: ask them. If i had any questions about signing up for the course, i knew i would be able to get answers:The “chat here” box is always present, regardless of scroll depth, on fotozap’s landing page:A large contact form on the taskseveryday landing page made it easy to get in touch with the company with any questions or concerns. The phone number at the top if you prefer to book that way; the ability to choose other currencies by clicking the icon at the top middle of the page; a space touting their rewards program, yet more incentive to proceed with a booking; and a catchy line to grab your attention—”summer of savings.

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