What licenses do i need to start an online business

What documents do i need to start an online business - Keeping this in mind, below is a quick checklist covering the different federal, state, and local licenses and permits you may need to acquire prior to opening for business:Basic business operation license from the city in which your business will operate, or from the local county (if the business will be operated outside of any city's limits). Addition, here are some other things to consider when you're thinking about starting a business that sells things online:If you're operating from home, be sure to check with your city or county zoning and planning agency to see if a home occupation permit is required. State-issued business license or permits, if your business will involve the sale of the following types of products:Special state-issued occupational / professional licenses, if you and/or your employees will be offering a number of state-regulated services, including:Legal representation (attorneys). You will be holding substantial inventory, you will also want to check your lease or deed/zoning codes to see if there are any prohibitions on running a business like the one you’re contemplating out of your home.