What is a good small town business to start

What is a good small town business to start - ! im also from los angeles and at by 28th birthday i got tired of the big city packed and move not only to a small town but i went drastic with it and move to the mexican peninsula (merida, yucatan) its easy to feel like you are in paradise with all of the tropical landscape around here, cenotes, pyramids, the beach, and cancun only 2 hours away. Also, although the start up paperwork for a laundromat can be a little overwhelming, that does mean that selling your coin laundry business is very easy—other investors would be interested in the ease and roi of the business and would prefer to skip the tough paperwork. Here are 15 small business ideas that every community needs, and some ideas for making them work in your hometown:Whether you’re selling fresh baked bread, cookies and pastries, or beautiful art cakes for weddings and parties, you’ll find that every town loves a bakery. According to greg tanner of the international franchise association, “instead of focusing on larger cities for leads being fought over by multiple franchises, many franchisors have found great success by researching and identifying smaller communities across the nation in which their franchise concepts would thrive.

Successful Business Ideas For Small Towns (To Start From Scratch)

What businesses would work in a small town? Filling empty ... smallbizsurvival.com/.