What do you need to transfer money via western union

What do you need to transfer money western union - A mobile phone - if your receiver lives in a country where we offer mobile money transfer service, and they have an activated mobile wallet with one of our partner mobile operators, you can send money straight to their mobile phone. Western union is a popular way for scam artists to receive money from their victims, so be absolutely sure that you know the person that you are sending the money to, and that you trust what the money is for. With a bank account - for a more economical option, send with your bank account and your money can be available for your receiver to pick up at an agent location in three bank business days. [1] western union has the following guidelines on when not to send money:Never send money to a grandchild, family member, or friend for an emergency situation that you haven’t personally confirmed through a reliable source.

how to transfer money via western union in india (in hindi)

Learn the procedure of send or receive money from western union money transfer in indai from any country in the world like usa ...