What do you need to open a business checking account

What do i need to open a business checking account - You want to open a community account for a new / start-up or existing charity you will need:Unregistered charity: minutes of the meeting and constitution documents registered charity: minutes of the meeting and charity commission number registered and limited charity: charity commission number and company registration number club/society/association: minutes of the meeting and constitution documents. The limited company is using a “trading as” name, we will also need a copy of the company board resolution (signed by 2 directors or 1 director and the appointed company secretary, or by the sole director, if there is no appointed company secretary) authorising the use of the “trading as” name. A beneficial owner and / or principle controller is anyone who is entitled to or who controls – either directly or indirectly – 25%  or more of the capital or profits of the business or 25% or more of the voting rights; or otherwise exercises control over the management of the business. You’re a limited liability partnership of a new / start-up business within the first 12 months of trading, we will, with your permission, carry out a credit reference agency search  if the results are satisfactory you won’t need to provide any further documents.

How to Setup a Business Bank Account

Business Bank Account Hacks to Properly Setup and Manage Your Business Bank Account..... During this NEW, live training you'll ...