What degree do i need to open my own business

What do i need to open my own business - One of my good friends and mentors dropped out of uc berkeley after 2 years to write software and never went back, but he has taken every opportunity to learn everything that he can about business and now knows more than many professionals in marketing and finance about their own respective fields (he is the president of a telemedicine division for a billion dollar company).  ?there are thousands of universities, with thousands of different approaches towards education, including online, virtual, global, and practical approaches toward learning that for someone that must have "their own" education experience that leads to a college degree, they can probably find it if they are willing to put the time and effort into it.  ?leaving off the historical examples such as abe lincoln and ben franklin (who lived in very different times, with vastly different education and job options), there are steve jobs (apple), mark zuckerberg (facebook), david geffen (dreamworks), and other billionaires who never completed even a bachelor's degree. Need to take courses you're not interested in, or that aren't practical - in my emba program at ucla everyone there had an existing professional career, yet during or within a few years after completing their emba, more than a few of them completely switched careers.

Do I need a college degree or MBA to start a business?

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