What can i make and sell at a market

What can i make and sell at a market - Addition to upping your people skills, consider branching out: “soaps, candles… when you have the beeswax, it’s not difficult to make soap,” said jensen, who also offers a bee extraction service to those who find their yards invaded by the honey-making hymenoptera. ”??final thoughtsdepending on where you live (some regions have farmers markets available year-round while others are seasonal) and how much work you put into it, farmers markets can either be a full-time job or an excellent side-hustle. To get started:jordan taylor, a successful farmer in his own right and representative for fresno county, ca’s regier family farms, had this to say: “most [farmers markets] will want to make sure you’re certified. You’ll need to decide exactly what you’ll sell, such as fruits or vegetables, baked goods (breads, muffins, cookies, or pies), arts, crafts (scented candles, chainsaw carvings, and jewelry), or body care items (lotions).

Can You Make a Living As a Farmers Market Vendor?

Today's video from the Southern Foodways Alliance pulls back the curtain back at the Carrboro Farmer's Market in Carrboro, ...