What are the advantages of being a small business

What are the advantages of being a small business owner - Photo credits jupiterimages/bananastock/getty images suggest an article correction related searches more articles the advantages of small local businesses the difference between big businesses & small business the advantages of a small business over a big chain how important are small businesses to local economies? “??actively communicate about the fact that your customers will always get a live person when they call your business … at metal mafia, each customer gets one point of contact, and i teach my employees to talk about that aspect of the relationship as a value. “??when you develop a reputation for helping people with a specific need or particular demographic makeup, people who fit that need or group prefer to do business with you and expect to pay more for the privilege,” says small business expert john jantsch. The big companies seem to have all the advantages when it comes to getting favourable credit and terms, but you can outshine them every time when it comes to thinking on your feet and responding to events.

Pros and Cons of Being a Small Business Owner

Pros and cons of being a small business owner. Learn the pros and cons associated with being a small business owner.