Ways to make money in the oil business

Ways to make money in the oil business - Exxonmobil and other american oil companies have already started integrating hypothetical carbon costs into their internal accounting, preparing for the inevitable drop in demand that will kick in if policymakers can agree on a universal price tag. If the cost of greenhouse gas emissions rises high enough, fossil fuel reserves could turn into so-called "stranded assets," meaning it would no longer make financial sense to exploit them. " california's new regulations on fuels' carbon intensity and the obama administration's aggressive fuel efficiency standards, scheduled to take effect in 2025, are steering carmakers toward designs that use less gasoline. Rather than funding long-term projects that might never pay off, she argued, chevron could return the money as dividends or steer it into less risky ventures like renewable energy.

3 Ways Oil & Gas Investors Make Money - Crude Awakenings

With a working interest in a Pipeline Oil & Gas project, investors reap financial rewards in 3 ways: strong monthly cash flow, ...