Ways to make money as a real estate broker

Ways to make money as a real estate broker - Here are some of my observations and recommendations (and i'll preface all of this by saying that i came to real estate after retiring from about 30 years in hard-core corporate marketing, so i had strong working knowledge of most marketing tools),:(1) i did not have a huge well of friends/family to draw upon (all my business contacts were national, not local) when i started, so i had to get creative to turn up business. Find an office that does offer free training (my office offers multiple free classes a week), agents who want to see you succeed, a good broker to answer questions, and a friendly environment that allows you to focus on helping your clients with one of, if not the, biggest purchase decision of their life, and doesn't cause you to only be concerned with your bottom line. If not, calculate how much postage/envelopes or post cards/stamps you'll need and how many homes you can afford to target market, and draft a letter informing the homeowners that you would like to help them to sell their home, or that you would like for them to contact you if/when they/their friends or family are looking to make a new purchase. Option you might have is to look at the board of realtors, they do offer a lot of classes that can help you in all the aspects of the business,Then you might look for a coach, one that has an extensive material and who will spend more time with you, look for a local coach, and follow agents who had been successful.