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Stay at home mother definition - A 29 year old mom of three and my fiance also has custody of his two we’ve been together about two and a half years and i’ve stayed home now im thinking of goin back to school and dnt knw were to start im doing it for financial freedom but most of all for my sanity, i love our five children but feel like im being left behind just raising our family before we got together i had children andvthen went back and got my high school diploma now i would like to better myself and show our children its never to late if you want to do somthing. I really enjoyed what you wrote because my old man works crazy hours and he has custody of his two children and i also have custody of my three so full-time i raise five, ages 4,6,8,8,10, and im goin crazy i loved working but since we’ve been together i’ve stayed home and its been about three years now and im thinking of goin back to school so i can better myself and at the same time not be so depressed, because being a real full-time mom is hard and mentally draining sometimes and no one understands the real responsibilities of being a mom. Hours breakdown looks pretty bizarre and at best far fetched to me, and it’s kind of a useless article anyway because stay at home moms today often spend a few hours, maybe 5 or 10 like another poster pointed out, a week doing some kind of home business or attempt at some kind of work to try to make money. Research, any research, can help someone feel as if they’ve considered all points of every option before making an enormous, life changing decision (such as leaving the workforce to stay home with children), then i believe it has served a purpose greater than “making one group of women feel badly about themselves.

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HI! I am Samantha, I am a happily married, SAHM of 3 kids, Matthew (9), Lillian (7) and Joshua (3). We live in Northern Virginia.