Simple things to make and sell on ebay

Simple things to make and sell on ebay - Addition to the most popular ebay searches listed above, these 5 categories (which almost always correspond to the most popular searches/products) should also be avoided in most cases, if possible, not just because they're so competitive, but also because ebay considers them high-risk categories, and paypal will likely hold most if not all of your payments from buyers for items in these categories, even if you're an experienced, longtime ebay seller:Computers & networking. Taking note of the prices for which the item sold, click on the title of each listing with a green price, and make note of any other aspect of the listing which you think may have contributed to the success of the listing, so you can use some of those techniques yourself (make sure you don't copy anyone else's images or description text word for word, though).  ? and in most cases, the only sellers who are able to be successful selling these items are larger, high-volume, usually well-established ebay sellers with lots of money to invest in buying products by the truckload, placing orders of 0,000+ at a time, so they can then underprice everyone else and sell their products for a fraction of what other sellers can. People have a hard time thinking of anything they may have at home to sell on ebay, so ebay has created a wonderful feature called "the idea house", which takes you through the standard rooms in a house and points out possible products in each room you might be able to sell on ebay:Yard sales and garage sales.