Running a business from my home

Operating my business from home - "one method is to work out how many rooms you have in your home, and identify how many of those rooms you use for business and calculate how much time you actually use these rooms for business," says emily coltman, chief accountant at freeagent, which provides an online accounting system for freelancers and small businesses. That's why some business owners don't even bother checking into, or attempting to comply with, zoning laws-a fact that doesn't surprise hansen: "in many cases, you'd be much better off remaining ignorant, as opposed to shining the light on your homebased business," he says. "for example, if you're a freelance decorator you might spend an hour or two a week writing up your books at home, if you're a self-employed pr consultant or web designer, you may well do the vast majority of your work at home.  ? if you pay your rent on time and have not been a huge hassle, it is a lot easier to get the ear of a landlord--whether to shorten or break your lease or to allow an exception for your home--based business.

HOME-BASED BUSINESS: 8 Tips To Starting A Business At Home

I hope you find this video helpful. I share with you 8 tips that helped me start my business at home. Also see my blog post on this ...