Pros and cons of students having a part time job

Pros and cons of students having a part time job - I can honestly say if i hadn’t learned how to manage my time effectively early in life, i would not be able to handle 18 credits on top of 30-40 hours a week — and that’s not including my social life! There is a lot of pressure for high school students to excel academically, and with college admissions seeming more competitive than ever, many students feel they must go above and beyond to even have a chance at getting accepted. :part-time jobs are great for parents with young children who want to work, but do not want to place their children in daycare centers or with babysitters while they are at a job for eight to 10 hours per day. From school to extracurricular activities and then to a job means having to do homework late at night, or, in some cases, working ahead during the weekends in order to ensure everything is complete for the coming week.

Benefits Of A Part Time Job While Studying!

Discussing some of the benefits of having a part time job while you're at university! My links!