Personal care home business plan template

Personal care home business plan template -  ?families' needssimilarly, the families of people seeking caring environments have their own set of needs they are seeking to fulfill:peace of mind about their loved-ones' physical and mental staterelief from the time-consuming job of caring for their family members themselvesrelief from the feelings of guilt which often overcome them when they find they do not have the physical, emotional, or intellectual resources to personally provide appropriate care for those they love the big, unstated elephant-in-the-room for families seeking care is the feeling of being a bad daughter or son or spouse, who is not willing or able to put her life on hold to take care of a much-loved family member. '/patients' needsour own experience, based on years of caring for elderly patients, is that people seeking assisted living care and skilled nursing care have many of the same needs:to be treated with respect and dignityto be actively engaged in a community of some kindto be involved in his/her own treatment and living planto be cared for by skilled, medically-knowledgeable clinicians and caregivers, working as a teamyou may notice that our list of "needs" seems to go in the opposite order to that of most hospital-model nursing homes; this is not an accident. Have identified four keys to success for bright house:we offer more resident-oriented, small-scale, home-model care than our competitors;our innovative use of elder assistants lowers the cost of providing this care considerably;our fair wages and team structure lower dissatisfaction, and thus turnover rates among our staff;our on-site skilled nursing facility ensures continuity of care when our residents need more intensive assistance. -up requirements
business size
name business
obtain an employer's identification number (ein)
obtain a state seller's permit
obtain a state home care agency license &/or certificate
obtain a local business license/permit
check zoning by-laws
set up a record keeping system
determine professional consultations needed
determine organizational structure