Peer to peer lending sites australia

Peer to peer lending sites australia -  ?morgan stanley said in a recent "blue paper", which received input from its australian bank analysts richard wiles and matt dunger: "we believe there is an opportunity for p2p lending to establish a meaningful presence in australia due to high online/mobile banking penetration, growing margins and high returns in unsecured lending and a highly concentrated banking industry focused on mortgages and deposits rather than on consumer unsecured [lending].  ?only listed marketplace lender in australia, directmoney, which was floated in july, says it has chosen to be a "hybrid" of the established and the new to avoid what it sees as a big p2p flaw: uncertainty over matching borrowers and lenders and, just as happens in sharemarkets, the "crowding out "of retail investors. Executive peter beaumont, a former banker who has worked at citi, ubs and abn amro, argues the big p2p lenders in the us – lendingclub, prosper and avant – have moved to directmoney's model because it guarantees quick loans and sets up separate funds for institutional and retail investors to buy into those loans.  ?in its report, titled global marketplace lending: disruptive innovation in financials, morgan stanley said there was a strong precedent in australia for banking disruption, because mortgage brokers had had a material impact on the structure of the mortgage market and the margins that big banks earn on their home loan portfolios.

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