Part time work and unemployment nc

Part time work and unemployment nc - .i had a come back because a new head light was not working and i accidently scratched a car i was working on…2 re do s in 2 years and now my work is not up to par…im wanting to file unemployment on this company but ive never filed in my life and dont know where to start…i have a winner here and i know it …should i get a lawyer …or go on my own. Was fired from my job for misconduct and disqualified for unemployment benefits i filed for a appeal and it was still denied i was told i can still receive unemployment benefits after a 12week penalty period of i keep filing my weekly claim of i’m still unemployed is that true or can i file another appeal of my hearing was 1-5-17. This the first time in life i’ve applied for this i have worked sence age 15 never applied for this 47 now married 3 kids not lazy at all there’s a lot of benefits that comes along whit being a dis locaded worker school mortgage assistant and more i just feel like i put my time in never unemployed? When i completed the unemployment claim i indicated that i was terminated ( because that seemed like the obvious answer, despite my employer wanting me to be able to claim unemployment) now des is telling me that it does not matter that my former employer wants to approve my unemployment claim, that des will have to investigate.

Working Part-time and Filing for Unemployment

This video explains how you may be eligible to receive partial unemployment benefits if your hours have been reduced or you are ...