Part time jobs while studying in singapore

Working part time while studying in singapore - During school termyou can work during the school term without a work pass if you meet all of the following criteria:You are a full-time matriculated or registered student in one of the approved institutions. There are a number of mba students who having worked for a few years in various roles in the it industry, do this freelance work while in singapore and make a fair amount of money. You are a foreign student or trainee coming to singapore under a training attachment programme, you should be holding a training work permit, a training employment pass, or be in the work holiday programme. Point to remember here is that your primary duty is to secure your degree with a good academic score; not to slog away at a part-time job while your grades go down!

Working Part Time at Singapore River and Night Safari

It's common for students in Singapore to have a part-time job while studying. But wouldn't it be better if you could take up a job that ...