Part time job in rotterdam the netherlands

Part time english speaking jobs in rotterdam - -eu/eea countries if you are a student from outside the eu/eea and you have a valid residence permit, you are allowed to work either 10 hours a week throughout the year, or full-time during the months of june, july and august. For british students from british studentsstudents' view: tuition fee loanstudents' view: accommodationstudents' view: part time worksophie braystenden university of applied sciences“ i chose to study abroad because of the low tuition fees and to become more independent. It is also worth bearing in mind that you are going to the netherlands to study and there is definitely some adjustment required to make sure that you can cope with the workload on your course. As soon as you start working you will of course have your part time earnings but these are unlikely to be more than eur 300 a month unless you are working more than 8 hours a week.

Career in Holland - Finding a job

What do you do when, after your studies, you want to stay in the Netherlands and find a job? Luckily, there have been more ...