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Office of jury commissioner arizona -  ?peace officer: a juror shall be excused under this section if all the following apply:(a) the juror is certified by the arizona peace officer standards and training board (azpost), and (b) the juror is employed as a peace officer by arizona or a political subdivision; and(c) in advance of the summons date, the juror submits to the jury commissioner written documentation on the letterhead of the juror’s employer, signed by one of the juror’s superiors, stating that the law enforcement agency for which the juror is employed verifies that the juror qualifies to be excused based on a. Town of gilbert residents are obligated by state law to respond to a summons for jury service, unless they do not meet these basic legal requirements:you are not a united states citizen; oryou are not a resident of the town of gilbert, for at least 50 days; oryou are under 18 years of age; oryou have been convicted of a felony in any court and your civil rights have not been restored since then; oryou are specifically excused from jury service by the jury commissioner or by the trial judge, for other legal reasons.  ?military personnel: military personnel who are arizona residents and who request to be excused from jury service may be excused only if proof is provided that the juror is one of the following:(1) a member of the national guard and on active duty; or(2) a member of the us armed forces on active duty and deployed out of state. It is the foreperson's duty to act as the presiding officer, to see that the jury's deliberations are conducted in an orderly fashion, and to see that the issues submitted for the jury's consideration are fully and fairly discussed and that every juror has a chance to say what he/she thinks about every question.

Welcome to Jury Duty - Pierce County Superior Court

Welcome to Jury Duty - Pierce County Superior Court.