Looking for a job while trying to conceive

Looking for a job while trying to conceive - Whether you get paid leave or not, changing jobs while pregnant comes with no official guarantee of whether your new gig will be there when you get back: the family and medical leave act (fmla), the federal policy that protects a pregnant woman's job (or a similar job at the same company) for 12 weeks of unpaid leave, also only kicks in after an employee has been at a job for a year and only applies to companies with more than 50 employees. I would say that it would depend to me on age — as a 34-year-old i would feel a lot more pressure to keep trying for kids regardless of the job situation (mothers who are 35 and over when they give birth are considered “high risk pregnancies,” and i’ve heard that for most women fertility problems start around age 37), but my answer would be different for women younger than that. Was neither pregnant nor trying when initially interviewed for my biglaw job, but was was 3 months pregnant when i had my call back; 5 months preggers when i accepted a position in biglaw; six months preggers when i started; and had only been there 3 months when i took my first maternity leave (which was only 11 weeks because i was not entitled to full leave given my short time there). I can see how it wouldn’t be fair to a new employer if the employee plans to take maternity leave while considering whether to become a stay at home parent and never return to work, but where the employee is relatively certain that the position is a good fit, and it may turn into a long term of employment (10 or 20 years), what’s the real harm?

Jobs for Pregnant Women

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