Latest news on stock market crash

Latest news on canadian stock market - The dow jones transport index is downthis index is often a lead indicator for wider stock market movements in us indices, and it has fallen more than seven per cent in the last three weeks, according to kathleen brooks, research director at city index direct. In order for the stock market to undergo a dramatic decline of 20% or more, it usually takes one (or more) of three shock factors: the economy falling into recession, a mistake by the fed or oil and other commodity prices spiking. Investors are buying safe haven assets investors have been piling into gold and us sovereign debt in recent weeks, which are typically bought as a means to protect cash amid stock market turmoil. Of a severe stock market crash are growing as a number of warning signs flash red, suggesting a huge sell-off could be looming after months of record gains.

October 24th 2008 CNBC Stock Market Opening Bell (Stock Futures Hit Limit Down)

10/24/2008 - CNBC Stock Market Opening Bell (Stock Futures Hit Limit Down).