Job opportunities for electronics and communication engineers in dubai

Job opportunities for electronics and communication engineers in dubai - .tech, electronics and communication (ece) ,enriched with core traditional values of engineering ,enables to decide from wider specializations on par with emerging technologies like,  microelectronics, hv/lv smart grids and power systems, industrial internet of things (iiot),automation and control, unmanned vehicles and robotics, biomedical imaging, renewable energy, mems, satellite and mobile communications, fiber optics ,networking ,cloud computing  and android /ios interface systems and virtual reality. From reputed indian or international universities and have expertise in conventional and emerging areas like electrical machines, power systems, power electronics, digital systems, process control & instrumentation, bio medical instrumentation ,embedded systems, image processing, communications systems, wireless communications etc. -equipped laboratories (analog and digital electronics lab, sensors and transducers lab, vlsi and embedded systems lab, signal processing and microcontroller lab, advanced communication lab, plc and automation lab, drives and motor control lab, robotics and 3d printing lab. . the breadth and depth of the expertise of the academic staff ensures high standard of class room teaching and provides excellent opportunities for the students to do challenging and stimulating projects and research.

Job Opportunities in Electronics and Communication Engineers

In this video we are going to discuss about different job Profiles and Expected salary a fresher can get after completing degree in ...