Job opportunities for chemistry majors

Job opportunities for chemistry majors - Chemistry opens doors to a range of sectors and opportunities, meaning your future career doesn't have to be in a labjob optionsjobs directly related to your degree include:analytical chemistchemical engineerhealthcare scientist, clinical biochemistryforensic scientistpharmacologistresearch scientist (physical sciences)toxicologistjobs where your degree would be useful include:chartered certified accountantenvironmental consultanthigher education lecturernuclear engineerpatent attorneyscience writersecondary school teacherremember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don't restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here. You may also specialise in areas of applied chemistry, such as cheminformatics or biochemistry, or develop knowledge in an area where chemistry graduates may be in demand, for example, forensic nanotechnology and forensic investigation. Opportunities within science and technology are seeing unprecedented growth across the world, and so those who study chemistry or another natural science at university are seeing their career prospects develop right before their eyes. So stop lying to people who are one step to destroy their lives like i am, i will never stop regretting enough for studying chemistry, it was kiss of death to my destiny.

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