Is it possible to make good money on ebay

How to earn money on ebay fast - Have read all the comments above and have derived this conclusion from them all – yes, ebay does not seem to attract the best buyers in the world, but then any serious collector may not even think to shop on ebay and stick more to the galleries, this has created a situation where the best artists have got the message, and maybe no longer sell on ebay which is why the quality may have deminished on artworks available on ebay. I want to know how long until i begin reaping the rewards, i suppose that depends on how hard i work and how far i get, but it’s pretty risky to buy 1000+ items and then find out they don’t sell – or that they sell, but my margin in profit, after subtracting ebay fees is only a few dollars a sale, if you include packing and shipping, that means i am earning a few bucks per product.  ? i have paid hundreds of dollars in monthly subscriptions, and ebooks from the people i am listing--and they will tell you who they study and it's a great circle of mentoring--but i have gained instant ebay profits but knowing what to sell; what others are having success at and little tweeks to my store that i never could have researched on my own in the time i have. Through these various avenues they have built up a customer email list over time…when they put an item up for sale they send out a email to all their previous customers with a link to their new item up for sale as well as links on various venues they use to promote their art with their ebay listings link.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON EBAY: Tips for the casual seller

My husband and I have sold many items on eBay over the years and learned a few things along the way. Here's how we make ...