Is it hard to get a teaching job in japan

Is it hard to get a teaching job in japan - , my point is that is very difficult to obtain a job for the people that is not native from an english speaking country (due to the necessity in the late 70s/early 80s to have english teachers there; hence the gov agreement); you know a few months is not so much to make contacts, etc you need more time (and know japanese to go more in deep or go depth) and that time comes only with a “long” visa, but that kind of visa is only possible for those countries, as you know, because you are one of these citizens. So lately i’ve been trying to apply for a working holiday visa in japan and the immigration department is taking in applicants on the october 10th, but now im stuck on looking for a employer to employ me to work in japan and also i need a place to stay, also its a shame im a dropout and i only have a letter saying from my old school in the uk that i’ve graduated in 5th yr high school. Would rather recommend doing what you like to do, before you work somewhere and regret it eventually… its sure not the easiest way (for me its been three years and over 2000 cv), but im sure it pays off… and youre not stuck in a teaching job, with little chance to get a better salary, or a better job and you dont have to change your job too often…. . then you have to convince them that youre made for that job… many japanese work in companies that they like and japanese employers love that, because they can be sure that the employees do there best to make the company better… japanese is a big plus, of course… but i got to say, that my japanese isnt bad (or maybe even good), but im not fluent at all….

Getting A Job In Japan Is Hard!

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