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Small scale industries investment in plant and machinery - ☞?? as per section 22 of the msmed act, 2006, the buyer in its audited annual statements isrequired to furnish the following additional information :(a) the principal amount and the interest due thereon (to be shown separately) remainingunpaid to any supplier as at the end of accounting year;(b) the amount of interest paid by the buyer under msmed act, 2006 along with theamounts of the payment made to the supplier beyond the due date during eachaccounting year;(c) the amount of interest due and payable for the period (where the principal has beenpaid but interest under the msmed act, 2006 not paid);(d) the amount of interest accrued and remaining unpaid at the end of accounting year;and(e) the amount of further interest due and payable even in the succeeding year, until suchdate when the interest dues as above are actually paid to the small enterprise, for thepurpose of disallowance as a deductible expenditure under section 23. , as per the said notification, the following are excluded while calculating the investmentin plant and machinery :(i) equipments such as tools, jigs, dies, moulds and spare parts for maintenance and thecost of consumable stores;(ii) installation expenditure for plant and machinery;(iii) research and development equipment and pollution control equipment;(iv) power generation set and extra transformer installed by the enterprise as per theregulations of the state electricity board;(v) bank charges and service charges paid to the national small industries corporation orthe state small industries corporation. Micro, small & medium enterprisesdevelopment (msmed) act, 2006becomes operational from 2 october 2006heralding the commencement of renewed efforts for facilitating promotion and development andenhancing the competitiveness of micro, small and medium enterprisesnew nomenclature and classification of msmemanufacturing enterprises service enterprises(ceiling on investment in (ceiling on investment inplant & machinery) equipment)enterprisers 25 lakhrs 5 crorers 10 crorers 10 lakhrs 2 crorers 5 croremicrosmallmediumsalient featuresdefines “enterprise”instead of “industry” to givedue recognition to theservice sector. However, a medium enterprise engaged in manufacture or production of goodspertaining to any industry specified in the first schedule to the idr act, 1951 is required to filethe memorandum with the general manger, district industries centre or any district level officerof equivalent rank in the directorate or the department dealing with micro, small and mediumenterprises of the state government or union territory administration.

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