Iwork full time but want to go part time

Iwant to go part time at work - I spent the last two years putting aside all the savings i could to build a safety net for myself while i got started in this new location and was looking forward to a couple of years of dedicating myself to part-time work while spending the rest of my time on unpaid professional development (volunteering, networking, picking up additional credentials and certifications and expanding my skillset) as well as shaking off the stress of the 9-to-5 grind i just left. Say you’re new in town, you’re impressed with their work, you think you might have some connections in common through your other collaborative work (some of whom might be able to provide you with a direct contact, if you’re afraid of making a cold call), and you’d love to talk more about the possibility of contract work/what you can do to position yourself for success/whatever it is that you really want. , but i have no way of knowing if that’s the same situation at this firm (it wasn’t at my last two places of employment where a lack of qualified people meant that you made the most of the best people you had available, which sucked sometimes but was just the reality)–it depends a lot on the nature of the business and the nature of the work. ’??s a small firm (one guy in charge and a handful of associates) so there is unlikely to be a lengthy multi-contact screening process, but as a small business employer his time is still very valuable so if it looked like there was going to be a lot of repeat contacts rather than just application->interview->yes/no, then i would bring the issue up sooner for sure.

You Can Do It! Working and Going to School Full Time!

A little encouragement for those wanting to go to school, but have to work full time. You can do it!