Iwant to sell my soul for money and power

Iwant to sell my soul for money and fame - One of the most well-known early examples was when 1950s blonde-bombshell jayne mansfield, whose career was going nowhere, decided to take her bikini top off in front of eager photographers while she was among a cadre of unknown pin-ups promoting a jane russell film. Many, who have never been inside the entertainment industry, do not understand is that every performer comes to a certain juncture when they have to make a decision between selling their soul and becoming famous or keeping it and slipping back into obscurity. The porn industry, the option to sell your soul to satan is a very immediate one: it comes down to the choice between taking off your cloths and performing sex acts on camera or walking out of the room. Note that the financial adviser should under no circumstances have a law degree, as it is common knowledge that all lawyers sell their souls during the last stage of the bar exam.


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