Iwant to open a business but have no money

Iwant to open a business but have no money - Have a unique business idea and have started to run my business but i have two big hold backs i have bad credit history (14’000 debt) and no money currently to get a building for my business plans i need a building to take my business to the next level and provide my target market with what they have proven through questionnaires and conversations with me that they want and is needed, by getting my own place i would be making enough to clear off my debt and full fill my passion. Have 25 years of knowledge along with a machanic to service and sale industrial plural component spray equipment up and down the west coast of united states, if you understand the industry the voc(volitile organic componds) regulations will be requiring more and more of this service, the market is filled with state of the art equipment and no one to train, service or consult with, with any real application knowledge, its a perfect opportunity with the right backing. I said am okezie kingsley, i work as a freelance advert executive with a newspaper house in nigeria (guardain newspaper), i have this idea having studied our market now my client finds it diffcult advertising on a high cost, i plan to starting a magazine which will have at least a sagmented markert of about 5000people, this people will be of high profile. Find one that is for sale, make an agreement with the owner to pay him a part( the down payment the bank requires) in a monthly basis or installments,in the mean time go tell a bank you want so much and that you already gave him the percentage the bank is expecting you to put up front.

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