Ineed to create an instagram account

Ineed to create an instagram account - Example, if you have an instagram account specialising in black and white photography, you could now easily add a second account for those colour pictures of your cat you’ve been dying to share, without being put off by the thought of having to sign in and out of multiple accounts and without fear of diluting your brand. Contact uses the bio to share our mission, and let people know what types of photos we share from our instagram account:You can also add your business’s website, which users will be able to click to visit right from their mobile device. I saw nothing about a phone number being required when i set up the account (i was able to skip past it) why would i be allowed to set up an account without a phone number if it is required? I was hoping instagram would be that easy to manage both my personal and business accounts all together in one place but i can’t even figure out how to create a second instagram just for my business).

How to create a new Instagram account.

Hello there! I hope you enjoyed the video! Now, WHY do I need a second (or third or fourth) Instagram account? Because I'm an ...