Ihave a great business idea now what

Ihave a good business idea now what - Now what do i do in the real world, don’t say prepare yourself mantally, i already done it i’m 120% ready, where do i go, how do i make the business a real business, in other words, what exactly do i do to actually and legally have my business start and exist as a real business! You need is a simple and concise summary of your business concept, a one-page document that you can refer back to anytime you need to touch base with your original thoughts (be it to stay on track or to alter your path … but we’ll get to this later! “??most entrepreneurs i have worked with will start out with one idea which then pivots into something else, and most likely pivots and changes a few times more until they get something that truly works for them and is something that their customers want,” he added. You’re analyzing the answers to these questions, be aware how much money is there to be made—no matter how excited you are about your idea, you’ll want to make sure that it’s one that can become profitable.

You Have A Business Idea, Now What?

Successful entrepreneur and CEO, Jay Adelson, demystifies the process of launching a company by answering aspiring ...