How to start up a small business in china

How to start a trading business in china - I saw this product on dhgate and iam intrested in importing it to my country from china so i contacted d seller and we got chatting in the process d seller requested for my whatsapp number and also was asking if i have made any purchase on dhgate before which i didnt reply to. In other words, the disreputable entity formation companies that seek to woo you with promises of securing you an ultra-low minimum capital requirement will almost certainly do you a disservice if they actually succeed — which they might as there are some cities in china where usd ,000 will be enough. The problem is that getting money over to china is not always easy and if you send that money over as anything other than registered capital, your china wfoe will get taxed on it as income, which is exactly what it will be. Its so funny you know , i have a hair salon business in queensland and have contacted many local other small businesses that do alot of importing and no one bar one person was happy in offering any advice at all .

Starting A Small Business in China

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