How to start a small home business in ontario

How to start a small home business in ontario - And if you're looking for more information on the various aspects of the incorporation process or pondering whether federal incorporation is best for your business, visit my incorporation information library, where you'll find more articles about incorporation, including getting your new corporation up and running, which explains what to do once you get your certificate of incorporation. Advantage to doing your business registration through the serviceontario website (or through their self-help workstations located throughout the province) is that you can also complete other necessary business forms electronically while you're at it, such as the retail sales tax vendor permit, employer health tax, and the workplace safety and insurance board. The business names public record at the companies branch (located on the second floor at 375 university avenue in toronto) will tell you if someone is already using the business name you have selected and where that business is located, although it will not show variations of business names or corporation names. (remember that provincial incorporation creates a company that is a legal entity in ontario only and that your corporation's name is protected in ontario only, unlike federal incorporation, which creates a legal entity throughout canada with the right to operate anywhere in canada, and a name that is protected nationwide.


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