How to start a home based car detailing business ebook

How to start a home based car detailing business ebook - This book covers; business planning, self-assessment, decision process, local market research, licensing, regulations, determining return on investment, dry dock restoration, detailing, washing, waxing, interior services, marketing, co-marketing, signage, uniforms, website strategy, social networking marketing, types of customers, winterization services, dock cleaning-coating-treating, ancillary services, funding, finding investors, building a team and crew, environmental concerns, equipment necessary, cleaning supplies, restoration services, selling your business, succession strategies, independent contractors, and an economic marine industry outlook for 2011-2015. Finally this book would be great for any entrepreneur that isn't quite sure what type of a "service" business to start, as it takes them through the process and planning, really making them think. How to start a boat cleaning business would also be great for anyone who already owns a business in the marine industry and would like to add a profit center for additional income. Available with or without our award-winning business plan software, the automobile detailing business startup guide will put you on the fast track to small business success!

Auto Detailing Training at Home: Ebook and How To Videos

See "Starting a Modern Auto Detailing Business" is the definitive guide to opening a ...