How to start a home based business in california

How to start a home based cupcake business in california - Include the general business idea and the reasons why you think your business will be successful, such as who will buy your product, where the customers will come from, how you will advertise, how much you need to make to break even on a monthly basis, and whether you will need a loan or will finance the business yourself. The intent of these regulations are to ensure that home occupations are compatible with, and do not change, the residential character of a neighborhood by generating traffic, noise, odors, visual impacts, or storage of equipment and materials not typically expected in a residential neighborhood. You're going to use anything other than your own name--even just by adding "and associates" to your business name--you'll need to find out if the name you want to use is already in use or is protected by a trademark or service mark. If you are planning on registering your business as a corporation, limited liability company (llc), or a partnership, then you will file with the california secretary of state by submitting the forms related to your business type and paying the appropriate fees.

How to Start a #HomeBasedBusiness #CottageKitchens in California Rules

How to Start a Home Based Business Cottage Kitchens in California Rules this is a small informative video for Californias that ...