How to start a home based baking business in ontario

How to start a home based cupcake business in ontario - Addition to contacting your local health unit, if you are involved in the production, service or processing of food products, you will need to comply with safety standards and labelling regulations from the canadian food inspection agency (cfia) and the ontario ministry of agriculture and food and rural affairs (omafra). It all beganthe idea for our home-based bakery came to us one afternoon in 1972 while marie and i sat morosely picking at pieces of leftover dessert (a derivative of an old southern recipe for pecan pie that marie, for economic reasons, had based on walnuts instead). If your municipality is not listed in bizpal, or you are not sure what municipality your business falls under, you can contact the association of municipalities of ontario (amo) for information on what municipal regulations, licences or permits will be needed to operate your business. You plan on selling or serving alcoholic beverages, you will need one or all of the following:You will need a liquor licence for your business if you sell or serve alcoholic beverages in an area where light meals are available.

How to Start A Baking Business

now that you're a master baker, you'll need a business plan for your bakery Running a baking ...