How to start a computer repair business from home uk

How to start a computer repair business from home uk - Besides coming up with a business name, getting a business license and obtaining general liability business insurance (which ranges from 0 to 00 annually and is obtainable through your local city hall), there are a number of things you need to do to get started on the right foot. If numerous people are commenting about slow service, a policy they find unreasonable, not calling them back, not calling in for update about repairs, not finishing the job on the agreed time frame ⎼ they’re right, and you need to address these issues. What you need to do is contact a small business advisor he will give free help in most cases as far as initial advice goes, he/she will also be able to help getting you bank loans, startup capital and so on. Everybody knows someones kid who is good with fixing pc's and can do it cheaper than you and there is pc repair places everywhere, that half rely on word on mouth, half on advertising and luck that someone finds you.

Question: Is the Computer Repair Business Viable in 2015?

i was watching your video you had posted about the computer repair business back in 2010 ...