How to start a business with no money online

How to start a business with no money online - .You can not rely on the internet alone to run any buisness, the internet is just one of the many tools that you have on offer, to rely solely on the internet for all your answers is foolosh, you also need to acess library resources sometimes othe people have knowledge on hand, and dont forget the very crucial street smart skills imn deciding what decsisions to make wether you take on a job or not dechiphring if you can do the job within the qoutes you have been give, i find the internet yes a great tool however in my proffesion automotive technician when i am working on cars i have to rely a lot when on the job on my own skills, yes the internet gives nme a lot of knowledge about problems i need to solve but beware you need the skill of being able to read between the lines to give solutions to people, like i said you would be foolish to place all of your trust in the internet some of the stuff online is absolute bullshit. I am a mother of three precious children and can’t go out to work cause daycare is just to expensive, so i came across this online business called “younique”, which sales natural mineral base makeup and other good stuff’s, signed-up, became a presenter and in less than a month i’ve started making so much money that i never would’ve imagine in my lifetime. (but can’t reveal it yet until i get the patent…) i am an architect with no idea on how to obtain a patent, but thanks to free online resources i have found that there is a huge patent library very close to where i live and they have been able to answer all of my questions without having to hire a patent attorney! However, it’s absolutely possible to blog and create an audience that is solely online if you don’t have a huge social circle — it’s all about having something that you want to share with the world and connecting with like-minded people who want to read your work or, if you’re in business, buy what you have to offer!

No Money to Start a Business? No Problem. Try These 5 Options.

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