How to start a business on ebay with no money

How to start business on ebay with no money - You for all the information and tips that was very helpfull, i my self also have been seeling things from around the house the kids old clothes that kind of thing, i have just decided to try it out more as a business and have gathered funds to start my self off, deciding what products to go for though to me is the hard part. Selling blank notebooks for 7$ when buying them at 5$ gives you 2$ profit each time, selling cellphone for 500$ which you bought at 400$ gives you 100$ profit each time, but keep in mind that in order to sell higher priced items, you need more capital to invest at the start, and you should know your turf because people are less likely to give 500$ to a nobody than giving 7$! Finding shopping trends, niches, and great product opportunities, then finding and establishing relationships with sources and suppliers or drop-shippers and wholesalers of goods is up to you, as is managing the capital needs of getting started with an initial inventory, whatever these may be; ebay won't and doesn't help with this process. There is another market of people that shop, don't have the time to wait, and love that they can "buy it now" and just get what they want, and that works well when you start because then you build confidence, and know you are doing it right because it's been sold.

11 Things To Do BEFORE You Start Selling On Ebay

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