How to send a money order to uscis

How to send a money order to uscis - And if you make a mistake and submit it despite being in a category of applicant that is subject to public-charge inadmissibility, the information you provide about your financial need may convince uscis that you actually show every sign of becoming a public charge. Long as your application is accepted for processing -- that is, uscis doesn't send it back to you because you forgot something -- you don't have to worry that the agency will ask you for extra money if the fees later go up. Is possible to apply for a "fee waiver" from uscis, unless you are in a category of applicants that can be found inadmissible based on likelihood of becoming a "public charge" (requiring need-based public assistance or welfare). There are situations where you might not have to pay a fee for a followup application -- for example, if uscis spells your name wrong or makes another mistake in issuing your green card.

How to Pay the USCIS Immigrant Fees

Check out these 5 tips to consider when the time comes to pay for your USCIS Immigrant fee.