How to sell your body to the devil

How to sell your soul to satan - You teach me the step by step to be more commited to him, what are the basic doings to give me more faith in him, i do really need help zalbarath please reply because i do deserve to improve my self and i feel like his communicating with me since that day but i just dont know how to use it properly the way i feel his presence when something i want to achive i feel i deserve it to achive i feel like im connected to it but i dont know why often theres somethings blocking me and that something i want and i do will just colapse and be gone to me and i think theres a lot more i need to know and do before i will purely have a bond a relastionship a connection a commitment with him so please i do really need your help i am willing to understand and will do anything with all my best efforts. Second and last question for you zalbarath is i guess a pretty childish one , while ive been researching all about souls and selling of them i found out that you could make a verbal pact with satan , when doing so satan leaves a mark on the beholders body which is not touched by pain , what exactly would this mark look like and would it last for all eternity? Who sell there souls are idiots your basically signing yourself up for a place in and once your soul is gone there’s no getting it back and your doomed to be in hell forever don’t this to this person who just gonna drag you down to help besides this whole is probably a bunch of bullshit. ! , so ive been researching all about ‘selling souls to satan’ for a couple of months and today i happened to have stumbled upon your website and you practically answered the majority of the questions i had in the back of my mind about ‘selling one’s soul’ and i thank you for that!

Selling Your Soul To The Devil! ITS REAL!!!!!

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