How to sell your body as a cadaver

How to sell your body as a cadaver - Nathan bazzel donated his hip bones, which had to be replaced a few years ago, to mtter museum story highlightsas you're charitable in life, you could also be charitable in death by donating your bodyyou can donate your body to a university so a first-year medical student can dissect ita body broker will get your various parts to scientists for research and educationdonate parts to the mutter museum, and you could be on display for the world to see. My mom and dad raised me to know that a body is just a shell, and if my body can help people learn the skills needed to catch criminals, deturmine time of death days, weeks or even months after a passing, and all the other skills that are gained from such things, then i think it’s a good thing to do. That point, you’ve basically done all you can do as a living, breathing person to punch your ticket for the anatomy lab, save for:• doing your best not to acquire mrsa, hiv/aids,  hepatitis or tuberculosis; those infectious diseases are automatic disqualifiers, as are any recent surgeries that haven’t healed, or diabetes or circulation problems. 'the common lingo is to talk about procurement from donors as "harvesting," and the subsequent transfers via the bone bank as "buying" and "selling",' wrote klaus høyer, from the university of copenhagen’s department of public health, who talked to industry officials, donors and recipients for an article published in the journal biosocieties.

Donating Your Body to Science

Since the earliest days of medicine, the complex study of human anatomy has been an integral part of health science training and ...