How to remote desktop into my work computer from home

How to remote into my home computer from work - To windows: use the built-in remote desktop connectionwindows users have a ton of options, but we really like windows' built-in remote desktop connection for its windows integration, high level of control, and the fact that it doesn't require any additional software to set up. Tidbit - the employee should send an e-mail to their self with their work ip address so that they will have the ip address in an e-mail for later reference at home or while traveling so that they can connect to fsu resources. Note that you'll need windows professional or higher for this feature to be available—windows home and home premium users will have to try one of the alternatives listed below—but that's usually pretty easy to get at a low price. Beta adds wake-on-lan and two-factor authenticationwin/os x/linux: teamviewer, one of our favorite online meeting and remote troubleshooting tools,…read more other cross platform programsteamviewer isn't the only cross-platform option, but it is our favorite for its simplicity.

How To Allow Remote Desktop connections from outside your home or office network

To learn how to SECURE your Remote Desktop Connections with 128-bit encryption so you can access a PC from outside your ...